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Star Island Corporation and Conferences leadership is committed to making the conferences as financially accessible as possible. We welcome applications from all who wish to be part of our exciting community. Individuals and families from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.    

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The South Church Retreat includes youth and adult programming for 3 nights: Sunday, July 31st until Wednesday morning, August 3rd.  You may register for the full seven nights if you like (July 31—August 7), however programming will be limited to Sunday until Wednesday.  

There is a programming fee of $10/night per person, including infants, for stays between July 31st and August 3rd. You will be billed for this by the South Church registrar. Alyssa Murphy.  Contact Alyssa at with any questions you may have.

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July 31 - August 7, 2022
South Church Retreat has a 3-night option from Sunday to Wednesday or a 7-night option from Sunday - Sunday. The room & board rates for this conference are available on our website. Due now at registration is the room and board deposit. Room and board balance is due before you depart Star Island at the Front Desk.
Registration Type
R&B Deposit Only
Ages 18+
R&B Deposit is $100.00
Ages 6-17<
R&B Deposit is $100.00
Under 6
No R&B Deposit
For Use As Directed By The Island/Conference Registrar Only
Event Registration Summary
South Church Retreat 2022:
Adult Registration
Teen and Child Registration
Infant/Toddler Registration
Conference Leadership/Speaker/Minister
Total Registration Fees:

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