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Star Island
2018 Pelican Application
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2018 Pelican Applications:
2018 Pelican Application


The majority of our employees work during the conference season, from June 10 to September 17. We offer seasonal positions from early April to late October.   Although there is some flexibility in hiring to accommodate the opening of schools and colleges in the fall, preference is given to people who can work at least through August 25; more ideally the full conference season (9/17.)

If you have never worked on Star, you must include two references (click here for forms) due January 31st.

Your application will be considered incomplete until both references are received.


  Have more to say than can fit on the application? You are encouraged to send a resume and/or cover letter to office@starisland.org.


Question 1: The Star Island Corporation positions are physical in nature. Requirements include but are not limited to lifting freight up to 50 pounds at a time. Do you have limitations which will prevent you from performing the job?  

Question 2: The staff performs a weekly variety show for the guests. There is also a chorus which sings at the finale of this show. If interested in participating, how would you be able to contribute to the Pelican Show?

Question 3: Describe your history of contributing to community, including volunteering, advocacy, leadership experience, and communal living.


The Star Island Corporation, owner and operator of Star Island, is an equal opportunity employer.

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